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Otex is an Egyptian company that become one of the leads in software development and digital marketing companies in Egypt and Saudi Arabia. We introduce our services with pleasure, and we are seeking every day to reach our clients goals and gain their sastification. Our services are very important in every business today, as we provide: ERP systems, CRM systems, in addition to Web development service, mobile Applications service, and digital marketing service. We have the talent to do all of this easily and with a valuable success remark. We believe in working together with our clients, as one team with one mission in order to make the experience of creating your product as great as the final product itself or the idea itself.  


We offer these services to help you become more success and distinction.

  • Social media advertising

  • Web design

  • Pay per click

  • Email marketing


Social media statistics in Egypt

Social media channels play an important role today. Chatting, tweeting, commenting, and liking other’s comments have become a routine exercise. Taking advantage of this, many businesses promoting their products and services using social media as a bridge and method.

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Mobile Social Media Marketing

Egypt had the most significant growth in internet users and social media in 2017. This report is providing an overview of the top online stats and trends collected from the most recent releases and annual reports. Let’s start with the top highlights and an infographic which illustrates the year in figures.

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