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Since 2013 MIDTEC has established itself as an industry leader, providing cutting edge technologies and Solutions that give their customers the competitive edge by Solving their problems, give them technical support and highly efficient equipment servicing. MIDTEC is focused on offering “ Complete Solutions” by visiting customers, making site surveys, collecting information, analyzing the data, investigating the problems then offering suggestions and recommendations. MIDTEC provide precision solutions for customers' unique requirements in the Industrial Sectors, where a strong reputation has been built for quality and expertise, providing project specific innovative product and service solutions. MIDTEC believe that "Customer Satisfaction is a must" and MIDTEC must offer "Trusted Solutions".


Our Mission

To work in partnership with the highest and more trusted Manufacturers to offer a trusted solutions to our customers.


Our Vision

Our vision is to be one of the most trusted solutions providers in the Middle East, and our customers to be the most successful Companies in The Middle East through a very stable Production, the best quality and the most safety environment for assets & peoples.

Our Clients